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Ages: 0 - 5 years

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Welcome to GloryHouse

GloryHouse Preschool offers an exclusive (5 kiddos max) loving and nurturing classroom environment focused on creative play, fine & gross motor skills development & school readiness, coupled with a Christian faith based educational curriculum for everyday learning. 

GloryHouse Preschool is a State Listed In-Home Childcare Provider and adheres to the Department of Family & Protective Services (DFPS) inspection regulations for in-home childcare centers. We maintain 100% compliance with Texas Minimum Standards for Childcare Providers. To learn more about GloryHouse Preschool, please click the link below. 

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In-Home Childcare VS Traditional Daycare - What Makes In-Home Childcare Better?

This is a great question and asked by many moms as they search for the perfect childcare option for their child. After many years of childcare experience, and as a mother of a precious two year old, I have carefully formed my own opinion about each of these environments and I would love to share with you. 

First, let me start off saying that traditional daycare may very well be the right option for you and your family. I know plenty of reputable daycares and have nothing against a traditional daycare environment; HOWEVER :)... As a mom (who is very particular about details when it comes to my child) I have come to find out that no matter which daycare you enroll your child into, no matter how fancy, expensive, etc., there are just certain cons about traditional daycares that you can simply cannot avoid. In-Home Childcare has been a lifesaver for my family and here is why: 


When I enrolled my child in traditional daycare, he was constantly sick! In-Home Childcare was a lifesaver in this regard! At GloryHouse Preschool, handwashing is key! And because we are a small, exclusive (5 kiddo max) provider, sickness is rare! Every child receives that motherly attention to detail which helps prevent illness and keeps our kiddos and our environment clean at all times. Every nose is wiped, every tear is dried, every hug is reciprocated... Happy & Healthy is the GloryHouse way! 

2. A True Motherly Teacher vs Teenage Daycare Employee

This is a MAJOR difference and speaks for itself! I love teenagers just as much as anyone; however, as a mom leaving my little one in someone else's hands all day long, I wanted a specific type of person to watch my child... I wanted someone who would truly teach my child (even the little things like saying please and thank you, etc.), I wanted someone with educational experience, yes, but I also wanted a fellow mom- someone who knew how to respond JUST AS I WOULD to boo-boo's, spills, sniffles, etc... And so many other scenarios / concerns went through my mind as a new mom looking for childcare.... What if my child was missing me a little more than usual one day? What if my child hit a growth spurt and was hungrier than usual one day?? I wanted someone that would give an extra dose of love and affection (and food) when needed. Someone who  would learn my child's specific cues, anticipate needs, and someone who was a consistent face that my child would grow to love and look forward to seeing daily. 

As stated above, I love teenagers as much as anyone, but I just wasn't seeing that motherly love & attention being given to my child when he was enrolled in a traditional daycare. The teenage "teachers" were constantly changing and the high ratio of kids in each room make it impossible to fully nurture each child. At GloryHouse Preschool you can rest assured.... We completely understand the type of person you want to care for your child, and this is the exact  type of care we strive to give. Love, love and more LOVE is the GloryHouse way!

Other Top Reasons to Consider In-Home Childcare